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Web Application Penetration Testing

Information on the internet has perpetually been susceptible to hacking, and as the digital landscape continues to expand, hackers have a broader array of choices for infiltrating websites and discovering vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Conducting routine internal and external penetration testing stands as a dependable strategy for safeguarding your business against data breaches and malicious actors.

The most secure and economically prudent approach to addressing web application vulnerabilities in the realm of cybersecurity is to integrate web application penetration testing into your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process.

Challenges in the absence of Web Application Penetration Testing

Data breaches are the most common cybercrime in the digital realm, often resulting from inadequate security measures and user negligence. Engaging in a web application penetration test can effectively mitigate the following risks:

Cloud Penetration Testing

Ensuring the security of your cloud infrastructure is paramount, as data breaches resulting from inadequate cloud configurations are unfortunately a common occurrence. Regular cloud security assessments are essential to safeguard your business from potential compromises. The main objective of these assessments is to proactively identify vulnerabilities in your cloud services before malicious actors exploit them.

Edibbee offers an array of highly efficient and affordable automation tools designed to bolster the resilience of your cloud setup.

Why is Cloud Penetration Testing Essential ?

Penetration testing is the proactive practice of conducting security tests to unveil weaknesses in systems, services, or networks. In the context of cloud penetration, it extends beyond assessing the security of cloud services, offering a comprehensive view of an organization's cloud assets. This comprehensive evaluation reveals the resistance of existing cloud security measures to potential attacks and identifies any vulnerabilities that may be present.

We Can Help You Out

Edibbee doesn't fit the traditional mold of a cybersecurity provider. Our approach is distinct, as we innovate to deliver cutting-edge development solutions.

Configuration Review

We'll commence by evaluating your existing architecture and offer an improved and more secure structure as part of the process.

External Penetration Test

The external penetration test evaluates the security of the network's outer perimeter, including network devices, ports, firewalls, and web applications.

Internal Penetration Test

An internal penetration test is carried out by an insider or an individual with access to the initial network components.

API Pen Testing

Your company's most valuable asset is its data, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) serve as potential entry points for hackers and data breaches. API errors can have far-reaching consequences, affecting all dependent applications. Therefore, prioritizing API security testing is vital for your business. The most significant concern is the potential loss or corruption of real data, leading to a host of complications. Data recovery is a costly and error-prone process that can have significant financial and operational implications. An untested API can result in:

How will API Security Testing Benefit your Business?

APIs have emerged as the predominant language for corporate integration, but their widespread use introduces notable security risks. The likelihood of API breaches is significant, particularly when resources are exposed to the internet. Hence, conducting integration testing and API security testing is a critical imperative for all modern businesses.


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