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Node js

Fabricate powerful, scalable and feature-rich enterprise solutions with our NodeJS development services

Edibbee has been creating market-defining tech solutions powered by advanced technologies like Node.js for years. Today, our company has a strong pool of professional Node.js developers who contribute real value to clients’ projects. The versatile software development experience allows Edibbee to handle projects of different complexity and scale.

Node.js allows the execution of JavaScript on the server-side and is perfect for building fast and scalable web applications. It has gained substantial popularity thanks to a vibrant community that makes sure the technology is up-to-date with the latest development trends and standards.

We have a team of Node.js developers who have intense knowledge about the Node.js runtime environment. Our tech-savvy experts build result-oriented and innovative apps through the agile-based methodology that helps empower businesses with node.js web development solutions.

Features of our NodeJS Applications:

  • Extremely fast
  • Highly Scalable
  • Well-suited for distributed systems
  • Non existent buffering while processing media
  • Asynchronous and event-driven
  • Event-driven architecture
  • Easy reusable modules
  • Lightweight Programming Language
Node.JS Projects
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Node.js development solutions we cover

At Edibbee, we have delivered projects for clients from 30+ countries and provided multiple Node.js-related solutions. Right now, we have a strong pool of experts ready to get involved in Node.js projects at any stage and at any complexity level. Learn more about the software development solutions we cover below.

Marketplace development

Node.js developers at Edibbee have the skills and expertise to build marketplaces of various scales and functional complexity, from ordinary eCommerce websites to complex auctions.

Online stores and shopping carts

Our eCommerce development specialists will implement a convenient interface tailored for any target audience. We will guide our client’s customers through the sales funnel to the final purchase stage.

Content management tools

Node.js helps create useful tools for hassle-free content management that can be easily integrated with all types of existing enterprise systems. Edibbee's specialists have sufficient experience in this niche.

System monitoring dashboards

Uniquely visualized, feature-rich dashboards help our clients facilitate business intelligence process, gain valuable insights, make data-driven decisions and take their in-house administration to the next level.

Interactive mobile apps

The development of mobile applications is one of the key areas of Node.js. Tailor-made mobile apps have better chances to maintain higher user retention rates.

Web portal development

We help our clients to keep their target audience in tune and display up-to-date information simultaneously to thousands of visitors from all over the world without any time delays.

Real-time statistics apps

Our development teams implement autonomous collection of data in real-time with custom-created analytics tools using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Social networking apps

Edibbee's clients can hire a dedicated Node.js development team to turn a simple networking app into a real social media hub adjusted to the expectations of the target audience.

Blockchain development

Our experienced Node.js developers at Edibbee always achieve the high stability of their clients’ blockchain projects and provide the most trending industry solutions.

Image processing apps

We build advanced applications that enable automated object recognition for image-processing projects in complex industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, and industrial development among others.

Integration with SAP

Timely integration with handy SAP modules brings the IT environment to a single standard of internal communications and helps save software implementation and maintenance costs.

Chatbot development

We create chatbots of any complexity, be it a basic web helper designed to clarify a limited number of questions or an advanced assistant powered by artificial intelligence that might replace call center employees.

Why hire Edibbee for Node.js Development Services?

By partnering with a Node.js development company like ours, you can build fast and scalable web applications that are high-performing and efficient. Our exceptional Node.js developers help you create lightweight and bespoke software and web applications in record time, delivering maximum value to your business.

Enterprise software development

Edibbee designs workflow-boosting systems for enterprises of all sizes and builds cost-efficient Node.js-based SaaS platforms. We create flexible, scalable business software that can be deployed remotely.

Node.js web application development

Our developers use the maximum potential of Node.js to create powerful web apps that feature real-time data exchange, social media elements, online gaming elements, chat rooms, collaborative tools, and more.

Node.js mobile application development

Node.js frameworks such as Ionic and Express.js allow back-end developers to build fast and scalable cross-platform applications with event-driven servers, data-intensive functionality, and enhanced user experience.

API development

We use Node.js to implement a light-weight REST API that ensures smooth real-time user interaction. Node.js can also wrap data sources (e.g. databases, web services) and expose them via a JSON interface.

Software architecture design

With extensive experience in designing scalable and reliable solution architectures, our Node.js engineers know how to make them well-structured, coherent, and maintainable.

Node.js developers for hire

Edibbee has a large talent pool of software engineers who can build digital products with the help of Node.js from scratch, help finalize ongoing projects, and accelerate time-to-market.

Node.js migration

We arrange migration services to transfer your legacy database through GIT or project files. Edibbee's experts perform the migration process quickly and safely.

Maintenance and support

Edibbee guarantees the stability of clients’ Node.js solutions after their launch. We provide all the necessary software updates, bug fixes, and customer support at the post-release stage.

What Makes Edibbee the Leading Node js Development Service Provider?

Be it SMEs, startups, or large-scale enterprises, all of them are looking for cost-effective ways to build reliable development teams that can easily scale up at their ease and convenience. IT team augmentation is the most popular and viable business model that clients worldwide choose to build remote teams to develop efficient products. Edibbee is renowned for offering high-quality software development services and holds a large pool of talented Node js software engineers that attracts entrepreneurs worldwide to outsource node js development services from us.

Node.js development solutions by Edibbee

When it comes to developing JavaScript-based apps, Node.js is popular for delivering amazing tasking capacities. Here’s why you should opt for Node.js web development solutions:

Superior Data Handling

Node.js offers a seamless data exchange, an effective backend, and quicker solutions from Windows Nonstop to UNIX to OS X servers.

High Speed

Node.js is highly recognized for its speed because it utilizes one string rather than utilizing several strings for accelerating the system.

Low Development Cost

Enriched with improved and advanced functionalities and features, the pricing incurred for node.js development is relatively low.

Real-Time Web Apps

Working with node.js environment, you can develop multi-user real-time web applications with amazing authority and easiness.

Node.js app development process

For custom software development from scratch, we find the traditional SDLC model the most beneficial in terms of visibility and quality control. At the same time, you can hire Node.js developers to pick up your project at any stage of development, from planning to testing and post-launch maintenance.

The process


We start a project by interviewing the client about their idea, vision, goals, and requirements. After analyzing the market, our business analysts and sales managers come up with the product vision board that helps to validate the vision and outline a strategy.

Service Cost Estimate

The price depends on the complexity of the future application. We provide a variety of engagement models to choose from, so you can pick what suits your project.


We cherry-pick the most suitable candidates for your project based on the seniority level and experience needed to successfully deliver your project. Provide us with job specifications for bespoke hiring.


Edibbee UX/UI designers organize the information collected during the discovery and business analysis phase into an information architecture (IA) graph. After coming up with a suitable visual concept, they use the IA to create mockups. Several variants of product visual design are tested on a focus group for the best user experience and correct brand perception. The mockups and the supporting design library go to the development team for implementation after approval.


Before the actual writing of the program starts, the development team decides on the tech stack. They also outline the development strategy and prioritize tasks. Node.js development services are characterized by the need for additional planning in terms of setting rules to ensure code consistency and keep the coding speed at maximum.


Being a seasoned Node.js development company, we have a robust release management process that is at the same time flexible enough to be customized for the specifics of an individual project. After the development is finalized and comprehensive system and QA testing are performed, we send the product for user acceptance testing (UAT). Then the Edibbee team creates a release plan, taking into account the information gathered during UAT, and prepares the associated documentation.

Available NodeJS developers for hire

Poonam S.

Poonam S.

Junior NodeJS Developer
3+ years experience

Node. js Developer with wide experience in backend development and deep knowledge in applications bundling and using Webpack, and building with Gulp, real-time databases CouchDB, RethinkDB.







Rohan V.

Rohan V.

Senior NodeJS Developer
5+ years experience

Node.js Developer with good understanding of the software development cycle and over 4 years of software development experience using NodeJS, Express, Passport, React, Redux, AntDesign, Material UI, Redux-Saga.




Material UI




Ajit D.

Ajit D.

Senior NodeJS Developer
7+ years experience

Software Developer with 5+ years of proven practical experience in creating web solutions with the help of Node.js (Express, Nest), JavaScript (React mainly), and React Native for mobile devices.






React Hooks


Have an idea in Mind? Speak to us today.

A strategy session is perfect for:

  • Being a JavaScript environment, Node.js is fairly easy to learn for most developers, thus providing a large talent pool. It also has a vibrant open-source community that simplifies knowledge distribution. Therefore, you can get quality Node.js development services in an offshore country for a beneficial price.
  • Node.js is primarily used in a stack with other technologies. For this reason, developers in Node.js development companies are well-versed in a number of programming languages, frameworks, and tools. Whether you’re looking for a turnkey development or a dedicated team, outsourcing gives you access to versatile knowledge.
  • With an outsourced team, you can get on-demand services whenever you need them and do not have to worry about in-house employees sitting idle. What’s more, you can add more employees or replace them with more relevant specialists as your needs change. Whatever the task you have, you only pay for the work done.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Node.js uses JavaScript as the main language, and most software developers are familiar with it. This makes learning a breeze and contributes to a large pool of Node.js development companies to choose from. Moreover, the V8 engine compiles JavaScript into a native machine code that lets you use it for web apps and mobile solutions, too. Also, due to the I/O model, software built on Node.js consumes close to zero memory and is executed very fast.

Next, Node.js is asynchronous by nature and runs on a single thread making even a feature-rich application really lightweight. Another reason for Node.js popularity is language reuse for all application layers, thus speeding up the development process. Finally, all the top popular hosting providers support web applications built on Node.js.

Node.js is one of those things that not only allows you to have a much more responsive web application, but it can also greatly help with your development time and make your applications able to handle far more traffic than they otherwise would be able to do if you didn't use Node.

This makes it perfect for using in conjunction with any kind of heavy database such as MongoDB or Cassandra, along with large numbers of users visiting your site all at once. Some companies that use Node are Netflix, LinkedIn, Zynga, and PayPal just to name a few

  • Walmart
  • Uber
  • Slack
  • PayPal
  • Netflix
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Groupon
  • GoDaddy
  • Trello
  • Citibank
  • Medium
  • eBay
  • NASA
  • Linkedin

The Node.JS development company can help you develop any type of application. Node.js can empower any business from startups to small businesses, medium organizations to large enterprises, you should use Nodejs for real-time applications, data streaming, API servers, DevOps projects, and much more. Some of the great applications that can be built efficiently with Node.js are as follows:

  • Social Media
  • Gaming
  • Project Management
  • Discussion Platforms
  • Live stream video applications
  • IoT applications and devices

The cost of Node.js project development depends on many factors such as the development platform, project categories, project complexity, country of developer and number of features you need in your app. Contact us with your requirement to get the development cost.

SQL, NoSQL and In-Memory databases are all suitable for Node js depending on your specific needs. You should identify your database needs to select a system that is compatible with them and scalable for your business model.

Our Node.js development company follows agile principles in software development. Every member of our team shares responsibility for the final product. This enables us to quickly rearrange roles and priorities as the team scales up or down.

Next, through more than 8 years of working in the IT industry, we have attracted top talent and established smooth management processes. This way, you have access to a wide pool of professionals to choose from when augmenting your existing team from generalist to specialist.

Finally, we conduct regular meetings to keep everyone on the same page and foster collaboration. We constantly look for ways to help the team work better together and plan a strategy to address any discrepancies.

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