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Creating a Smart Environment with IoT Application Development.

The fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, has paved the way for automation across various industries, empowering businesses to achieve operational excellence and drive transformation. One of the four pillars of Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT), allows machines to interconnect and provides enterprises with valuable insights into operations and products through analytics. This, in turn, assists in creating stronger business models, generating revenue streams, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

At Edibbee, our IoT services enable businesses to harness the power of connected technologies and derive actionable insights from transactional data in real-time. Our IoT specialists leverage sensor data, machine learning, and advanced analytics to create scalable IoT solutions and platforms that seamlessly manage intelligent devices and machines. With end-to-end IoT offerings such as sensors, edge computing, cloud, and analytics, enterprises can boost operational efficiency, user engagement, and unlock higher business value.


ZBs of data from IoT devices worldwide by 2026


IoT Projects


Security Professionals

Experience High-Caliber IoT Development Services with Edibbee.

IoT Consulting

Receive assistance from Edibbee’s tech experts to fully leverage the potential of the Internet of Things. Benefit from the following services:

  • IoT project assessment and scoping
  • IoT resource planning and allocation
  • Advice on IoT strategies

IoT Platform Development

Edibbee can help you create intelligent gadgets that utilize smart sensors, IoT platforms, and firmware to attract customers. Take advantage of our expertise in the following areas:

  • IoT network building and configuration
  • Consultancy on AWS IoT, Google Cloud IoT, etc.
  • Establishment of control centers for IoT

IoT App Development

Edibbee specializes in developing robust and feature-rich IoT applications. We offer the following services to help you achieve best-in-class results:

  • Mobile application development for wearable devices
  • Enterprise-grade application development for manufacturing industries
  • RFID application development.

IoT Data Analytics

Edibbee can help you seamlessly collect, process, and analyze your IoT data to make effective and profitable decisions. Our services include:

  • IoT data collection, processing, and analysis
  • Internet of Things data visualization
  • IoT data dashboard design and development.

IoT for Connected Products

Our expertise lies in providing optimal connectivity for appliances, equipment, and other products.. Take advantage of our expertise in the following areas:

  • Software for connected vehicles
  • Medical IoT solutions
  • Smart home IoT tools

IoT MVP Development

Stay ahead of IoT competition with Edibbee’s MVP development expertise.. We offer the following services to help you achieve best-in-class results:

  • UI/UX for IoT solutions
  • IoT software prototyping
  • Hypothesis formulation and testing

At Edibbee, we specialize in IoT and are actively seeking CVs of skilled IoT specialists.

We're excited about helping you achieve amazing results.

IoT Applications Across Business Verticals

Leverage our IoT development services, which cater to diverse industries and have successfully delivered IoT systems to Fortune 500 companies and startups worldwide. Our experienced IoT developers can help you build exceptional consumer products or achieve your digital transformation goals.



We developed an inventory tracking app for a top eCommerce brand, which integrates with RFIDs to provide a comprehensive inventory management solution for their warehouses.



Our IoT solution enables healthcare institutions to track assets, medical staff, patient location, and remotely monitor patients.



Our tracking app syncs with smart detection devices to provide accurate shipment transit information.



Boost efficiency and reduce costs by outfitting your vehicles with advanced location tracking and connected fleet capabilities.

Supply chain

Supply chain

Achieve complete visibility of regular and time-sensitive shipments of specialty cargo with satellite beacons and warehouse sensors.



Elevate KYC with indoor location services, smart digital signage, and personalized advertising for retail locations.


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