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What AWS cloud-managed services does Edibbee provide?

AWS-managed services are designed to simplify the infrastructure management tasks associated with AWS deployments. By leveraging these tools, businesses can create new applications or migrate existing workloads to the cloud, regardless of their size. Once the migration is complete, companies can manage their products in the cloud with ease.

The main goal of AWS managed services is to provide enterprises with a comprehensive set of tools for migration, infrastructure management, and ongoing support. AMS automates various critical processes such as change requests, patch management, security, and backup services, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

AWS-Based Application Development

In modern application development, rapid innovation is a crucial aspect that ensures the app stays ahead of the competition. With Edibbee's team on board, you can be assured that your app will always be at the forefront of the latest technological solutions.

AWS Infrastructure Monitoring

Amazon Web Services provides a unique feature that enables monitoring of the entire infrastructure and application from a centralized location. By leveraging this tool, Edibbee can enhance operational performance and optimize resources, resulting in improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

AWS Administration & Support

Edibbee's team of AWS experts provides round-the-clock support for customers using AWS-based products. This includes assistance with configuring AWS services and resolving any issues that may arise during the process. By partnering with Edibbee, customers can be assured of reliable and timely support for their AWS infrastructure, enabling them to focus on their core business operations.

AWS Serverless Services

If our clients are interested in integrating this technology into their projects, our experts at Edibbee are well-equipped to handle it. Our team can help clients seamlessly incorporate this technology into their infrastructure and leverage its benefits to optimize their operations.

Data Warehouse On AWS

Edibbee offers AWS data warehouse expertise to help businesses consolidate data from multiple sources, enabling informed decision-making and historical data analysis. Our team can perform any data warehouse task on AWS to meet your business needs.

AWS Integration

Edibbee's suite of AWS integration services provides flexible and effective application integration for enterprises of any type. Our team of experts can leverage the most appropriate AWS tools to ensure seamless integration.

AWS Migration

AWS services offer many advantages, such as enhanced security, faster performance, and data integrity, making it an attractive option for businesses. Edibbee's team of experts can seamlessly migrate clients' solutions to the AWS cloud, ensuring a smooth transition and enabling them to leverage the benefits of AWS services.

AWS Implementation

Edibbee specializes in AWS implementation tailored to meet business needs. Our patterns library includes hundreds of implementation types, allowing us to select the one that best fits the client's product needs and requirements. With our expertise, clients can be assured of a seamless and customized AWS implementation experience.

AWS DevOps

At Edibbee, we leverage AWS DevOps tools and practices to deliver applications rapidly while maintaining a high level of security. With our expertise, customers can build scalable products that meet their business needs and requirements.

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AWS solutions we work with

At Edibbee, we specialize in creating applications of all types for various business purposes using a wide range of AWS solutions. With years of experience in this niche, our team provides reliable software development and consultancy services to meet our customers' AWS-related business goals.

Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Cloud

This is an AWS cloud-based solution with tools that ensure usability, performance, and reliability.

HIPAA-Compliant Cloud

HIPAA-Compliant Cloud

AWS provides a secure cloud solution for healthcare data processing, transmission, and storage amidst increasing stakeholders in the industry.

SaaS Applications

SaaS Applications

AWS provides a SaaS application feature for businesses to deploy their applications on AWS infrastructure, and Edibbee handles customer access, account registration, and other features setup.

Data Warehouses And Analytics

Data Warehouses And Analytics

Edibbee leverages AWS data warehouses and analytics features to provide clients with informed decision-making, data overview, and diverse analysis capabilities.

Big Data and Machine Learning

Big Data and Machine Learning

AWS provides comprehensive solutions that enable customers to build customizable applications with features such as demand prediction and more.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

AWS allows for connecting billions of devices in a single network, and Edibbee specializes in collecting, storing, and analyzing data from diverse IoT sources.

AWS certified professionals

AWS certification validates professionals’ expertise in operating AWS Cloud facilities and tools. Edibbee’s team members are AWS certified, providing clients access to a range of skilled experts, including architects, DevOps engineers, and more.

01 /AWS-certified solutions architects

Edibbee's AWS solution architecture experts build, deploy, and maintain applications while monitoring critical infrastructure in the AWS Cloud. Their skills enable application development and workload migration to the cloud.

02 / AWS-certified developers

Edibbee boasts a team of AWS-certified developers who leverage Amazon Web Services to create custom applications. With their expertise, Edibbee delivers tailored solutions to help Edibbee clients achieve their business goals.

03 / AWS-certified DevOps engineers

Edibbee's AWS-certified DevOps engineers are responsible for implementing cloud-based applications as part of the research and development team. Their expertise ensures scalable, secure, and resilient application solutions.

04 / AWS consultants

AWS provides a wide range of innovative solutions and technologies to create reliable and innovative applications. Edibbee's consultants assist clients in selecting the most suitable AWS tools for their products while minimizing AWS cloud and feature usage costs.

Hire dedicated AWS developers

AWS is a vast and complex set of services and solutions with a variety of tools. By engaging Edibbee's AWS developers, businesses gain a reliable partner capable of creating applications of any size and complexity. Our certified developers ensure clients have full workflow control, receive scalable and cost-effective applications, and benefit from regular support from Edibbee.

Edibbee's dedicated team brings any business solution to life.

Edibbee: Your ideal AWS provider.


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AWS managed services: benefits explained.

  • Edibbee manages server volume, ensuring clients reserve the required memory for seamless business task implementation.
  • AWS managed services offer unmatched security for applications and solutions, leveraging AWS toolkits and our industry expertise.
  • Edibbee optimizes the client's AWS service interaction, ensuring cost-effectiveness by identifying and utilizing the best tariffs.
  • Edibbee offers clients access to popular AWS tools and features to improve product performance and meet their needs and requirements.
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