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We Provide Full Stack JavaScript Development Solutions to Meet your Business Needs.

With expert JavaScript developer on board, we provide all JavaScript development services to match your business needs. JavaScript popularly known as JS, is a high-level, Scalable and reliable language.

As a JavaScript development company, we can build a JavaScript project on a budget, or we may produce a large-scale solution with thousands of simultaneous connections. To ensure that the web application runs smoothly and loads fast, our JavaScript developers follow the best scalability and maintenance practices.

Edibbee provides a wide range of JavaScript consulting and development services and covers a variety of industries, including IT, Fintech, finance, media, education, and hospitality.

Our JavaScript Development Expertise

JavaScript Projects
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Industry wise JavaScript development solutions

With JavaScript we have created many dream projects of our clients across all the major industries. Our JavaScript development company has the experience of delivering value to projects of healthcare, education to retail and media sectors.


We enhance the quality of instruction in universities, schools, and colleges, in order to meet the challenges of education through the use of cutting-edge JavaScript web app development. We offer offshore full stack development services in Portugal with proven results to enhance learning experience.

Media & Entertainment

Edibbee helps entertainment companies to publish, create and manage content across multiple channels from an app at a rapid rate. We provide full stack development services in Portugal that include technological quality control as well as improvements of business processes.

Travel & Hospitality

Our JavaScript web services provide an exclusive mix of cutting-edge development for the hotel and travel sector, as and its sub-sectors. We help companies working in the tourism sector to establish an omni-channel web presence and provide an easy experience for their clients.


Our expert JavaScript developers have experience in all areas of banking to help improve the performance of banks which include the retail and financial markets, and commercial banks. We build, test and deploy end-to-end Js banking software in order to solve the financial challenges and build lasting relationships.


Our JavaScript development company offers healthcare and medical IT solutions to improve patient care hospitals' administrative processes, as well as business expansion. We provide value to every part in the health flywheel, including doctors, patients, and institutions.

Real Estate

Our team of JavaScript consultants for real property experts with Imenso Software will address all aspects of high-quality software analysis to help in the design of digital solutions for managing property to list, sell or manage renters.

Retail & eCommerce

Our JavaScript development services for the e-commerce and retail sectors are fueled by the rapid change in consumer demands. We're dedicated to building quality e-Commerce websites as well as mobile applications that let you upgrade your system in a short time.

Logistics & Transportation

Our JavaScript development company offers healthcare and medical IT solutions to improve patient care hospitals' administrative processes, as well as business expansion. We provide value to every part in the health flywheel, including doctors, patients, and institutions.


Our team of JavaScript consultants for real property experts with Imenso Software will address all aspects of high-quality software analysis to help in the design of digital solutions for managing property to list, sell or manage renters.

Our JavaScript Development Services

Edibbee is a JavaScript development company that specializes in JavaScript development services and JavaScript web development services. We have a team of experienced JavaScript developers who are ready to help you with your project. Here are the services we can offer you:

JavaScript Web Development Services

If you are looking for a JavaScript development company to help you with your web development needs, look no further than Edibbee. We have a team of experienced JavaScript developers who can help you with all aspects of your web development project, from front-end design and development to backend programming and database integration. We can also help you with mobile app development using JavaScript frameworks such as React Native and Cordova.

Custom JS Development Services

Edibbee offers custom JavaScript web development services to help you create unique applications and websites that are tailored to your specific business requirements. Our JavaScript developers have extensive experience in developing custom solutions using various JavaScript frameworks and libraries, such as AngularJS, ReactJS. We can also help you with the integration of third-party APIs and data sources into your JavaScript application.

Rich portfolio & technical expertise

Since 2014, Edibbee has been providing high-quality JS development services for clients around the globe. Our JavaScript web development company has shipped over 700 projects that helped brands offer a more exciting online experience for their customers, increase revenue, and establish a powerful digital presence across different devices.

JavaScript Application Development

Edibbee offers JavaScript application development services to help you create interactive and engaging applications that are easy to use and scalable. Our JavaScript developers have experience in developing single-page applications (SPAs), Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), and hybrid mobile apps using various JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS, ReactJS. We can also help you with the integration of front-end libraries and tools into your JavaScript application.

The latest JS technologies involved

Our JS development company applies the latest technologies and trends to deliver software that corresponds to all the highest industry standards and market demands. Our team finds the most beneficial solutions with modern frameworks that make the development process more efficient.

Custom Calendar & Event Scheduling

Do you need handy calendar on your website or managing unit inside your application? JavaScript are suitable for that job. Our calendars are clear, easy, usable and user-friendly. You can present your events to the users in attractive way and also give them opportunity to create their own records. All this in order to better organize your time and effectively manage the time of the company’s employees. Planning resources is one of the keys to success. So… when do we meet?

Delivering the right business outcomes

As an expert JavaScript development company, we know about the pitfalls as well as the benefits of different technologies and solutions. With the exponential increase in JavaScript usage, there are often many solutions to the same problem and a vast array of tools to choose from.

We can help you identify the right tools and solutions to ensure you get the best design and performance, and most robust system, without the need for expensive and complicated changes and rework on your projects.

As the most commonly used programming language, JavaScript is powerful and flexible enough for us to use in a variety of situations. Used cross-platform for every computer and mobile device, we can use JavaScript to develop web applications, mobile apps and server software

Our .Net Developer’s expertise to build secure and feature-rich web solutions

JavaScript development can become your game-changing solution and add even more value to your brand. JavaScript web development and mobile app services help millions of businesses bring the impossible to reality.

Skilled JavaScript Developers

If you are looking for a company for your JavaScript project development, we will provide you with our professional services. With the proven experience of our JS developers, we can meet your deadlines and specific business needs.

Cost Advantage

Delegating services to companies around the globe costs at least 25% less than some other popular locations. India is a great country to find a qualified development team at a reasonable price.

Management and Communication

When you hire a team of dedicated JS developers with Edibbee, the communication is built the way that is convenient for you. There is a business analyst taking care of each account speaking excellent Portuguese.

Differences In Time Zones & Working Hours

We always adjust our working schedule to remove barriers in project communication and cooperation with our clients in general due to time differences and specific timezones.

Our JavaScript Development Process

When it comes to JavaScript development, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The process will vary depending on the specific needs of your project. However, there are some general steps that most projects will go through.

The process

Define the Scope of the Project

The first step is to define the scope of your project. What are you trying to achieve? What features do you need? Once you have a clear idea of what you want to build, you can start looking for a JavaScript company that can help you bring your vision to life.

Service Cost Estimate

The price depends on the complexity of the future application. We provide a variety of engagement models to choose from, so you can pick what suits your project.


We cherry-pick the most suitable candidates for your project based on the seniority level and experience needed to successfully deliver your project. Provide us with job specifications for bespoke hiring.

Choose the Right Technology Stack

The next step is to choose the right technology stack. There are many different options available, and it's important to select the one that will best meet the needs of your project. Once you've made your selection, you can start working on the actual development process.

Development Phase

The development process will vary depending on the technologies you're using, but there are some common steps that most projects will go through. First, you'll need to create a prototype or mockup of your project. This will help you better understand the overall structure and flow. Next, you'll start coding the actual application or website.

Testing and Deployment

Once the coding is complete, you'll need to test the application to make sure it works as intended. This process can involve manual testing and automated testing using tools like Selenium. Finally, you'll need to deploy the application to a server so that it can be accessed by users.

Available JavaScript developers for hire

Sameer D.

Sameer D.

Junior JavaScript Developer
3+ years experience

Experienced designing, developing, and testing UI for web and mobile applications Build reusable code and libraries for future use Accurately translate user and business needs into functional frontend code








Rehana S.

Rehana S.

Senior JavaScript Developer
5+ years experience

Experience across consumption points by creating best-in-class, kickass products. Coding and debugging pure JavaScript, polyglot and multi-lingual applications. Working on different platforms including the usage of the Native SDKs provided on JavaScript

Native SDKs





BEM css


Ajit D.

Ajit D.

Senior JavaScript Developer
7+ years experience

Enthusiastic and knowledgeable Senior Frontend Developer understands and executes the software development life cycles and processes at Edibbee.











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  • JavaScript offers one of the most robust framework ecosystems. JavaScript frameworks enable fast market entry, high scalability, and efficient application maintenance.
  • JavaScript is easy to integrate since it is supported by all modern browsers. Multiple add-ons and plugins are available to speed up integration and support JavaScript features continuously.
  • JavaScript helps to run all the components smoothly and thus increases application performance. Our developers use JS with all the latest UI technologies to run your app on almost any device or platform.
  • JavaScript is leveraged to empower the front-end and the back-end of millions of websites and web apps. Thus, new maintenance tools are constantly released, while a huge JS developers community shares their knowledge on dedicated platforms.
  • We offer a highly-skilled team of specialists you can extend or reduce whenever you need.
  • Our project managers can handle multiple tasks, planning and organizing the project workflow.


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Frequently Asked Questions

JavaScript development services can cost anywhere from $10 to $50 per hour, depending on the complexity of the project and the experience of the developer. For simple projects, you may be able to find a freelancer who charges by the hour. For more complex projects, it is best to work with a development agency such as Edibbee that can provide a fixed price quote.

Surely, you can! Edibbee offers a fast and easy way to find top JavaScript developers in less than 48 hours. We offer a wide range of services to help you get the most out of your web development project. To learn more about our services, visit our website or contact us today.

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including the complexity of the project, the size of the team working on it, and the availability of resources. However, in general, it takes around six to eight weeks to go live with a custom JavaScript development project. This timeframe can be shortened if the project is relatively simple and the team working on it is small. However, if the project is more complex or the team working on it is larger, the timeframe may be longer. In any case, it is important to ensure that all factors are taken into account before estimating the go-live date for a custom JavaScript development project.

As a reputable full-stack web development company, we assure you that all our engineers are qualified to implement professional software solutions. But If you plan to hire a full-stack developer at Edibbee, you’re welcome to conduct as many interviews with our specialists as you need to make sure they are the right people for the job. This includes holding Skype calls and giving technical assignments to check their skills.

JavaScript will retain its popularity, considering that almost 70% of developers around the world use it regularly. After all, this programming language is still considered the easiest to use among its competition, and it’s ingrained into absolutely everything. As a JavaScript development company, we’re sure JavaScript development services will remain in demand for many years.

Having qualified full-stack developers in your team speeds up the development. Instead of dividing user stories into frontend- and backend-specific tasks, you could work with a single person responsible for a particular story. This leads to less miscommunication and a more stable workload.

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