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Rely on Experts for Seamless Integration of AI Software Development Services!

The Edibbee team excels in providing end-to-end AI development services in Portugal, spanning from data collection to analysis. We identify and recommend the most suitable software solutions available in the market to align with your specific business requirements. Geniusee specializes in digital transformation, process automation, and computer vision AI solutions, among others. Our approach involves tailoring the most convenient and customized data management model for your business, guiding the entire process until the production stage.

We offer the flexibility of either crafting personalized artificial intelligence solutions or selecting the most fitting off-the-shelf options to meet your needs. Access to in-depth data insights broadens your decision-making perspectives and offers highly efficient automated multi-processing, surpassing the potential of human resources. Through automated iterative processes and reduced downtime for existing operations, AI features provide you with the time to reinvent your business strategies rather than second-guessing your next steps.

For a seamless integration of AI software development services, trust our team of specialists!


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AI Solutions


Fullstack Developers

Computer Vision

Unlock the Full Potential of Visual Data! Our AI development solutions empower your system to efficiently detect, recognize, classify, and filter objects, patterns, characters, and various data types, enabling your business to achieve enhanced outcomes across diverse industries.

Let's collaborate on developing a computer vision system that can detect, recognize, classify, and filter a wide range of data types, such as objects, patterns, and characters. Our AI development solutions are tailored to enhance outcomes for your business across diverse industries.


Data Collection and Annotation

Our expertise extends to creating data collection and analysis processes, allowing you not only to possess valuable information but to fully harness the benefits of the comprehensive system solution. This transformation leads to quantifiable results, shifting you from labor-intensive, manual tasks to an automated, cost-effective, and error-free data management model.


Development of Classification, Object Detection and Image Segmentation

Our approach involves data segmentation, the development of foundational prediction models, real-time automation, supplementary data quality checks, and algorithmic enhancements, all working together to significantly expedite the process of deriving insights from analytics and incoming data.


Moving to Tested, Successful and Intelligent Algorithms and Models on the Market

This streamlines your business's scalability and alleviates any concerns about service support. This model is versatile, accommodating a wide range of scenarios, from text recognition to object recognition.

Natural Language Processing Analysis

The vision of your system comprehending, analyzing, and generating human language is no longer a futuristic dream. It empowers you to make data-driven decisions regarding development and expansion. Our artificial intelligence development services will enhance your software by providing:


Data Collection And Annotation

We create data collection and annotation tools through a streamlined process that centers on working with textual data. For example, if you seek an in-depth analysis of customer feedback about your company, we automate the data collection process, select the most efficient services available, establish a scalable legal framework, and deploy analytical models. As a result, you gain real-time visibility into every mention of your business across social media, comments, and feedback forms, equipping you with the essential information needed to derive valuable insights and make meaningful improvements.

language model

Development Of Solutions Based On Language Models And Knowledge Graphs

Our team of experts will elevate it by incorporating advanced features, including named entity recognition (identifying names, dates, addresses, etc.), sentiment analysis (determining feedback positivity or negativity), and chatbots (to foster a responsive business image). This will create a customer experience that feels welcoming and engaging, making your service and business a preferred choice in a rapidly expanding market.

Signal Processing

In your customers' everyday lives, signal processing is already seamlessly integrated and intelligently enhancing their experiences. Modern voice-activated systems, smart health monitoring devices, computers, and mobile phones all harness the power of signal processing. It can transform a wide range of digitalized signals, including voice, audio, video, temperature, pressure, or position, into valuable data.

Your product has the potential to become even smarter, gathering data, performing mathematical manipulations, and providing practical solutions. Signal processing empowers you to transform raw data into actionable insights for future planning. When partnering with a reliable AI development company, you can reconfigure IoT data into intuitive dashboards that lead you to meaningful and impactful results.

Why Choose Edibbee For AI Software Development?

Full-Cycle Artificial Intelligence Development Services

We have a genuine interest in your success and will diligently study and specify your project needs to deliver the most gratifying outcomes.

Experienced AI Professionals

Exceptional solutions demand dedicated professionals. Our AI services deliver remarkable results for global companies.

Metrics-Driven Company

Our AI solutions deliver meaningful, measurable results, as we believe in the power of numbers in the realm of AI.

Security-Centered Partner

Security and safety are our top priorities. We encrypt and shield your data from malware and fraud.


Reinforcement Learning

To optimize the overall rewards from your endeavors, you can leverage the capabilities of reinforcement learning. Emerging, robust technologies enable you to automate your product, and reinforcement learning aids your machine in making a series of decisions to attain predefined objectives. Through Geniusee's AI development services in Portugal, we can craft simulators tailored for reinforcement learning, devise navigation algorithms for robots, and implement point-goal navigation systems.

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Google Cloud




Microsoft Cognitive Services


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What will happen next?

  • AI software development services may not be as time-consuming as you imagine. Depending on the project scope, a Proof of Concept (POC) can take as little as two weeks, and full integration ranges from three to six months or more. Feel free to consult with us for a personalized assessment of your AI solution implementation timeline!
  • At Edibbee, we embrace a collaborative and iterative strategy when it comes to generative AI development. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with personalized, top-notch, and scalable solutions.
  • Our process kicks off with in-depth client engagement to fully grasp their unique requirements and goals. We harness cutting-edge generative AI technologies to craft custom solutions that emphasize innovation and flexibility.
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