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We Provide Java Development Services To Create Advanced Digital Solutions

Edibbee is a globally acclaimed digital solutions provider providing end-to-end Java development services that include web, mobile, and desktop software solutions. Our Java developers are highly proficient in developing solutions that are result-oriented, feature-rich, high-performance, and reliable with a blend of innovation and design thinking.

Java powers up your IT project with robust object-oriented programming & platform-independent development. Edibbee, a cross-functional Java development company, offers tailor-made team Java development requirements. Being a leading Java outsourcing company, we enable:

Our Java application development possesses:

Java Projects
Years Experience
Certified developers

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Dedicated Java Developers Adept in All Major Frameworks

We are an experienced Java software development company with cross-functional talent pool. Our Java developers are skilled in all major Java frameworks.

Spring Framework

Spring Framework

We have employed Spring, the popular enterprise application framework, for building large scale complex applications for enterprises, enabling secure and seamless connection to database and management of business services.



Using high productivity framework of Grails, we have created efficient and state-of-art web applications at short notice.



We have utilized this full-stack web framework for rapid web application development.



With Play framework, we have delivered high speed, scalable, and best-in-class performance applications.



Using Struts, we have developed portable and easy to maintain enterprise-level Java applications.



Using JSF, we have developed native applications, enterprise applications, and web applications for several verticals.

Offers Quality Solutions Using The Most Credible Development Architecture

We offer world-class Java software development services enhancing your business growth

Java Software Development Services

Noteworthy record of delivering web projects for SMBs and enterprises associated with diverse verticals ‚Äď insurance, healthcare, real-estate, and retail to name a few.

Java Mobile App Development

As an expert Java application development company, we have developed elegant UI apps using cross-platform framework J2ME or Java ME.

Java CMS Development

Our Java programmers have developed CMS needed for varied requirements like content personalization, image management, enterprise document system, etc.

Java/J2EE Software Development

Under our Java application development services, we have created multilayered web-based applications using J2EE.

Java Web Development Services

Noteworthy record of delivering web projects for SMBs and enterprises associated with diverse verticals ‚Äď insurance, healthcare, real-estate, and retail to name a few.

Java Migration

Outsource Java development and migration to experts with deep experience in shifting apps to a Java-based framework.

Java Integration Services

As a partner Java development company, we have executed Enterprise Application Integration under tight deadlines using J2EE.

Enterprise Java development

We have our own repository of J2EE based reusable applications which saves time-to-market in a project.

Why choose Edibbee for your Java development project

We have delivered Java projects across different niche markets. With excellent record of repeat business, we are one of the best Java development companies. If you are looking for Java developers, Edibbee is a one-stop shop for outsourcing Java development services. We foster unique propositions with our clients.

Sometimes you‚Äôre just not interested in cutting any corners ‚Äď you want the best software your money can get you, perfectly tailored to your company‚Äôs specific needs. Very often in such situations, clients don‚Äôt want to experiment with new technologies and frameworks and prefer a solution based on an established and well-respected technology, such as Java. Thankfully, that‚Äôs precisely what we have to offer.

Top Benefits Of Our Java Development

Edibbee's extensive experience with Java enables you to build robust industry-specific solutions ‚Äď at speed and scale. We‚Äôve delivered mid- to long-term projects across different niche markets for customers like you while covering the entire development scope.

Expertise in Technology

We are experts in JSP, Servlet, CDI, JMS, EJB, Tomcat, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Google Web Toolkit, Maven, ORM, etc.

Secure Applications

We develop highly secure and reliable Java applications for clients implementing robust and fool-proof security features.

Certified Java Developers

Our team consists of certified Java developers who can cater to all the software requirements for startups, SMEs, & enterprises.

Our Java Development Process

As an experienced Java development company, we follow Agile Software Development Process which is the international standard for software development.

The process


We start by requirement gathering, competitive analysis, finding business goals, etc., to discover your project feasibility.

Service Cost Estimate

The price depends on the complexity of the future application. We provide a variety of engagement models to choose from, so you can pick what suits your project.


We cherry-pick the most suitable candidates for your project based on the seniority level and experience needed to successfully deliver your project. Provide us with job specifications for bespoke hiring.


After understanding the requirement, we create high fidelity wireframes and prototypes if applicable for your website design.


We implement all your website pages and content in a CMS. All the webpages and other website components are developed.


Your website goes through a stringent test procedure where various aspects, including appearance & performance, are tested.


After creating and testing the website successfully, we help you deploy your site on any desired platform and complete the setup.

Available Java developers for hire

Trishal S.

Trishal S.

Junior Java Developer
3+ years experience

Designing and developing scalable backend software and proofs of concepts (POCs) Leading the gathering of functional requirements, developing technical specifications, and project test planning Acting as the technical subject matter expert: Demonstrating technical expertise, and leading a small team solving challenging programming and design problems







Shahid M.

Shahid M.

Senior Java Developer
5+ years experience

Experience with Agile Development, SCRUM, or Extreme Programming methodologies. Experience developing systems/software for large business environments (Java, Springboot). Experience in design and implementation of robust and highly scalable services Strong experience with Databases design.








Bailey D.

Bailey D.

Senior Java Developer
7+ years experience

Skilled in software development lifecycle processes and experience with scrum, agile and iterative approaches Expertise with unit testing Test Driven Development (TDD) Expertise with the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Expertise in the Software design/architecture process. Interpersonal, communication, and collaboration skills.







Have an idea in Mind? Speak to us today.

A strategy session is perfect for:

  • We have well-experienced and highly skilled Java developers in our team who can work on any project irrespective of its complexity. Working with the best development practices, our Java developers accomplish every project aptly and deliver on time.
  • We foster our projects with an agile approach and adopt the best plans for developing applications. As we believe in the philosophy of quality service, therefore, we handle the complexity of software development with extended support and commitment.
  • Our approaches and work methods comply with ISO 9001, CMMI-3 norms, and several other standards. We ensure that quality is maintained at the maximum level with every project we deliver and also adopt measures to safeguard project confidentiality.


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Frequently Asked Questions

At Edibbee, we offer 1. Dedicated team model 2. Extended team model 3. Full-time dedicated developer model 4. Part-time dedicated developer model.

Considering the estimated time it takes to build a stunning application is around 500 to 2000+ hours, the cost varies from region to region. However, the average developer’s rate is US $40-$60 per hour.

Java has evolved as one of the most preferred languages for application development across the globe. It offers:

  • Painless coordination with AJAX
  • The expansive module support for existing J2EE applications
  • Language support across various platforms
  • Assured quality to develop robust web applications
  • Short development time and cost-savings
  • Automated memory execution
  • The easy learning curve to study and set up

We can develop eCommerce marketplace & applications, financial applications & even IoT applications by utilizing Java, Spring & Hibernate.

Our Java engineers can create MVPs, custom applications, web and mobile apps, and enterprise systems. We can even help you migrate legacy software and integrate them with newer technologies through Java. Rishabh’s experience with Java comes from years of working with clients across many industries. We have a proven track record of project completion with businesses from the fintech, media & entertainment, healthcare, education & retail industries, to name a few.

The web development process with Java presupposes myriad ways, approaches and tracks. The three main and the most common are Java Servlet, JavaServer Faces & Java Frameworks. Java Servlet is a basic API (Application Programming Interface) that helps developers build applications for web browsers. The second approach would include JSF (JavaServer Faces). While this is a more complex API it offers more tools but has fewer options for customization than the Servlet. There are also plenty of Java frameworks (ready-made templates or code snippets) that help engineers to create code for common tasks in an easier way.

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